Estonian Government Cloud allows easy access to Regio API services

What is the Government Cloud solution?

It’s a state-owned cloud service, the implementation of the Government Cloud (Estonian: Riigipilv) solution provides an excellent foundation for public e-services and solutions. In addition to the government sector, users of the Estonian Government Cloud include local authorities, critical service providers, private companies providing IT services to the state and healthcare providers. The Government Cloud has been developed in accordance with the national IT Security Standard (ISKE), to ensure compliance with safety and quality requirements. The Estonian Government Cloud is managed by the Estonian IT Centre (RIT).

Regio is a partner and one of the service providers of the Estonian Government Cloud. It is the channel through which Regio API services can be used, i.e., Regio’s spatial database can be accessed over the Internet.

Regio API services

Regio API services enable easy and quick access to Regio spatial database for Estonia and the Baltic States over the internet. Be it addresses, route calculation and navigation, point of interest (POI) data or various base maps.

Regio’s spatial database is the most accurate, detailed, and up-to-date database for the Baltic States and is updated daily. Regio’s navigation data and the various route calculation services based on it are unique – we are the only company with such detailed and attribute-rich navigation data.

Easy to use

Regio API services are easy to integrate, clearly documented and can be customised to meet customer’s needs. We also provide support for service integration and assist in finding the best solutions for workflow or application integration.

Using the Regio API, you can display your data on interactive maps, create dynamic route planning solutions, perform geographic analysis, or find addresses. All this is at your fingertips in just a few simple steps.

More detailed API documentation can be found here: Regio API docs & examples

Government Cloud adds value to Regio API services and vice versa

The Estonian Government Cloud is secure and flexible: it ensures data protection and uninterrupted services and makes it easy to manage IT resources as needed – you only pay for the resources you use.

In addition to traditional cloud services, the Government Cloud also allows the use of Regio API services via the Cloud Application. This means that Government Cloud subscribers can access services ranging from IT hosting to address search or route calculation, all in the same environment.

More information about Regio API services in the Government Cloud:

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