Wall map – a timeless classic

We live in an era where to many people, ‘map’ means Google Maps or anything of the sort that’s found on our phone screens or dashboards. If you were to ask whether wall maps are even needed in today’s world, the answer would be simple: yes! They still have a variety of uses. Wall maps … Continued

Travel recommendations from Regio employees near and far

Spring is a great time to dream and make travel plans for the summer. Working as we do in Regio with data and maps on a daily basis, we’re always travelling in our minds, especially in Estonia and the Baltic States. In eager anticipation of summer, we looked back on our most memorable trips and … Continued

450 maps for the GO travel magazine

The partnership between Regio and GO began 18 years ago with the publication of the very first issue of the GO travel magazine (now Estonia’s highest-selling travel and hiking periodical) back in 2005. In the intervening years Regio has produced almost 450 maps for the magazine – an average of four or five per issue. … Continued