Spatial Data

Address database

Regio owns a continuously updated and accurate database of addresses for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The data structures of all three countries are presented in the same format, which ensures convenient use of the data. Addresses for the Baltic States are updated using national address databases.

The linkage of addresses with the Regio database allows various information requests to be made and makes the most of the spatial connections between objects, institutions and points of interest that exist in the real world.

It is possible to make extracts from the Regio address database in a format and structure that best matches customers’ needs.

We also organize the existing databases of Estonian addresses into a standardized format and add coordinates and postal codes.

In addition to the addresses, our database also contains information on unofficial names of places, former addresses and natural objects.

Road and navigation data

Regio owns and maintains the Baltic road network and navigation database which is unique and the most up-to-date.

Data are validated for use in navigation systems and routing services. The information is continuously updated on the basis of information from the most reliable sources. The data structures of all three countries are presented in the same format, which ensures convenient use of the data.

Regio provides several database extracts for navigation.

The Navigation Dataset contains information on lanes and lane connectivity, feasible average driving speed, turn restrictions, time restrictions, restrictions depending on vehicle type, warning signs, direction signs, etc.

In addition to navigation datasets, Regio offers a distance calculation service, the dataset of address ranges, table of street intersections or any other extracts from a road database as required.

Building database

The Building database contains footprints of buildings. The data covers the entire territory of all three Baltic States.

Regular updates are provided on the basis of orthophotos, national topographical databases, extracts from the building register, construction drawings, plans and information from data users as well.

Land Cover

The Regio database contains land cover data for all three Baltic States.

The data structures of all three countries are presented in the same format, which ensures convenient use of the data.

For forests, parks, stadiums, cemeteries, built-up-areas and waterbodies, if the name is available, it is indicated.

On request, extracts of different layers from the database are available, also data capture, digitization, verification.

Regio also produces raster maps on demand, with different layers, for use in laptops, tablets, smartphones and GPS devices in offline mode.

POI (Point of Interest)

Regio owns a database of POIs across the Baltic States. The POI data of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania can be provided in a large variety of categories and types. The database is continuously updated from official databases, websites, tourism portals, customer and data user inputs and other sources.

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Customers feedback

“Our long-term partner Regio has been offering us various spatial datasets and provided us data processing and consulting services. Regio responses always promptly to our feedback, all requested amendments have been included and delivered on time. In addition, Regio team have always been helpful and are kindly willing to share their expert knowledge of maps and spatial data with us.”

Kaido Irdt, IT Product Owner, Information Technology and Development Center of the Ministry of the Interior

“We have found a partner whose commitment and vast experience have enabled us to take significant steps to improve our data quality. Regio team is looking beyond deadlines and provides a creative input in about everything related to spatial data, we valuate that highly.”

Tiiu Kelviste, Head of Spatial Data, Tartu City Government

“Regio has been a partner of the Road Administration in the route calculation service. In addition to high-quality data, we also received comprehensive support in setting up and implementing our service. Regio always takes into account our feedback which results in maintaining and improving the level of their product. Communication is smooth and trouble-free.”

Hannu Ploompuu, Road Information Analyst, Road Administration