About us

Key facts

  • REGIO was established in 1990.
  • A leading cartography and geospatial intelligence company in the Baltics.
  • Headquartered in Tartu with a subsidiary in Tallinn and international sales unit in London.
  • 30 skilled staff: cartographers, geoinformatics specialists, sales and marketing team.
  • Regio is ISO 9001 certified.

Our major fields of activity


Regio owns and maintains the most detailed geospatial database of Estonia and the Baltic States. Regio has the know-how to maintain, structure and use spatial databases. The main sources for updating Regio’s database are orthophotos, fieldworks, other published maps, co-operation with government departments, Land Boards, open-source databases and other register keepers, local governments and infrastructure companies.


Regio’s mapping unit creates hundreds of maps on demand, based on Regio´s own database. The majority of Estonian tourist publications, information boards and wall maps featuring cartographic products are made by Regio. Our map products aimed at children have been deemed worthy of the first prize at several competitions.

Life in Regio

People: In REGIO we do our best to create an atmosphere where people have a sense of family and feel proud and inspired to deliver their best to better themselves and the company.

Culture: REGIO’s work culture is open, fair, ethical, transparent and progressive.

Social: REGIO is socially active within the community by regularly organising and promoting events related to cartography, travel and tourism and by promoting an active and positive lifestyle, leading by example.

Productivity and Quality: Regio is a highly effective organisation which always aims to sustainably grow within reason and sets quality as the number one priority in everything we do.


Regio aims to help individuals and organizations to better navigate within the information society and the geographic environment.


Our mission is to make the wise use of Maps and Spatial data a self-evident part of life that advances thinking and world perception.