At Regio we consider a work to be of good quality when it satisfies the customer’s requirements and is made economically.

The confidence of our customers is of utmost importance to us. This confidence is earnt through fulfilling our promises and consistently producing high quality work.

Good quality promotes work satisfaction. Firstly for the doers themselves, who are pleased by a job well done, then for their colleagues, since little work at Regio is done alone, and finally, for the customers, who can derive more pleasure from their own work when using Regio’s quality products and services.

It is the customer who measures quality. Whenever possible, we will analyze our work together with the customer during the project and on completion. We also value our suppliers and give them constructive feedback as a good customer.

People at Regio use their heads. Employees who work with their heads formulate their own objectives and tasks, and reason their individual contribution to the joint achievements. People, rather than equipment and materials, are the primary key to Regio’s success.
For Regio employees, the freedom to make one’s own decisions also brings with it a large responsibility. The management at Regio has the added responsibility of motivating for the achievement of higher goals every year and seeing them through.

Our company culture values the continuous monitoring and analysis of errors and misjudgements, which are dealt with in a positive way.  Understanding our shortcomings helps us strive for greater perfection. Regio’s management at all levels serves the employees working directly with our customers, not the other way around.

Our aim is to achieve even higher quality by constantly questioning what we do, by continuous improvement, and by better understanding of our customers’ expectations.

Regio quality control system is certified by Bureau Veritas to be compliant with ISO 9001 quality management standard.

Regio ISO 9001 certification