Mythical Monster World Map



Mythical Monster World Map


  • Size 84,1 x 59,4 cm
  • On paper
  • In English
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The Mythical Monster World Map shows forty five incredible looking monsters from around the world. The map has a description of the monsters’ country of origin and a description of their characteristics.

Mythical Monsters behaviour varies from Monster to Monster: some are threatening some are helpful to humans and some have magical powers. The background map itself shows all the country boundaries with the country names and the Monsters placed on their country of origin. Each monster has a clearly labelled description which will describe how they reflect historical fears and beliefs. This amazing monster poster is the perfect wall print and will provide material for late night story telling.

Publisher: Maps International
ISBN: 9781910378601



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On paper

Printed on paper. No laminates or other finishing coatings are used.

Paper type:
Paper                         Photo paper            Photo glossy paper   Coloring paper


Paper with front sheet lamination. The print is covered with a thin layer of film – laminate.

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On paper, with wooden  hanging bars. A wooden hanging bar is attached to laminated paper. There is a loop of cord on the upper bar for hanging. Front sheet of the paper is laminated.

Board mounted
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PVC . Plastic plate. Suitable also in humid places.

Viscom.Rigid lightweight foam pinboard with a thin PVC cover, suitable for inserting map needles and knobs. For indoor use only.

KAPA. Rigid lightweight foam pinboard with a paper cover, suitable for inserting map needles and knobs. For indoor use only.

Magnetic board (at the picture you can also see a not finally installed frame). It is possible to attach magnets (not included). The multilayered-material surface is a thin metal sheet, The base is Kapa plate. Indoor use only.

Laminated on aluminium composite board. Weatherproof board is covered with a polymer-laminated sticker.

Printed directly on board. Without a layer of laminate or other coatings. Can be done only with PVC or Viscom boards.

Board mounted and laminated. The print is covered with a thin layer of film – laminate.

Hanging bar behind the board. Ca. 12 mm wide, aluminium, u-profile hanging bar is attached to the back of the map and helps to hang the map on the wall.

Framed.The frame has hanging hooks.

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On fabric

Printed on fabric. Rollable. No other coatings are used.

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Screen blind fabric

Translucent blind fabric
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Blockout blind fabric

Matte photo canvas

Thin wel foldable fabric. Weatherproof, waterproof and can be folded into pocket.  Can be folded to fit in a suitcase so good to take to fairs or conferences.

Weatherproof poster fabric. PVC banner

On canvas with wooden hanging bars. Rollable. A wooden hanging bar is attached to transparent blind fabric. There is a loop of cord on the upper bar for hanging the map.

Blind with chain mechanism.

Canvas with base frame. Canvas is tightened around a wooden base frame.

On flooring material
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PVC flooring. Is not glued to the floor. Durable and easy to maintain. Rollable.

Floor sticker. On a thin sticker for floors. 

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