Update – Regio topo map of Estonia


Update – Regio topo map of Estonia


  • Version 2.17 (December 2023)
  • Updated layers: roads, addresses, buildings, points of interest.
  • Downloadable update for the Regio topo map of Estonia on SD-card for Garmin deivices.

The data on navigable inland water and costal sea from Estonian Maritime Administration (Veeteede amet) are dated September 2018.

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The downloadable update is for the Regio topo map of Estonia on SD-card, versions 2.00 NT. Maps are suitable only for Garmin GPS devices.

NB! Before purchasing the upload please make sure your Garmin GPS device is capable to run maps in such format (see the manual of your GPS device and www.garmin.com). Please check whehter you have a previous version (from v 2.00) of the map with license files on your SD card. If not you need to buy the Regio topo map of Estonia on SD card first.

NB! The data on water bodies from Estonian Maritime Administration are only for information and illustrative purposes. The data does not meet the requirements for maritime navigation. They are updated on a need basis and are displayed at a reduced content. The Estonian Maritime Administration or Regio Ltd. do not take any responsibility, if they are used. For navigation in waters official navigational charts must be used.


  • Update is non-refundable.
  • Update is for use on one device only.
  • Update is not suitable for Regio topo map of Estiona versions 1.xx (map versions before year 2016). If you have Regio topo map of Estonia version 1.xx, you should buy the new map on SD card first.
  • On older Garmin GPS devices (60CSx), using letters with punctuation can be problematic. Use same letter without punctuation instead: Ä=A, Õ=O, ect.

For using GPS tracks in computers Garmin has a free program BaseCampTM.

Tips for uploading Regio ‘Garmin map updates’ and ‘Theme layers’.


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