Regio topo map of Estonia on SD card


Regio topo map of Estonia on SD card


Regio topo map of Estonia on MicroSD card for Garmin devices.

  • Version 2.17 (December 2023)
  • Topo map is most suitable for handheld GPS
  • 32 GB MicroSD 
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Navigable topo map of Estonia on MicroSD card (32 GB) for Garmin devices.

Data: roads, settlements, place names, addresses, buildings, land cover, points of interest, contour lines, relief shading, data on navigable inland water and costal sea from Estonian Maritime Administration as of September 2018.
Search of addresses works according to address points in all settlements of Estonia where are streets with names and buildings with numbers. You can search also farm names in Estonia. These can be searched under points of interest.

NB! The data on water bodies from Estonian Maritime Administration is only for information and illustrative purposes. The data does not meet the requirements for maritime navigation. They are updated on a need basis and are displayed at a reduced content. The Estonian Maritime Administration or Regio Ltd. do not take any responsibility, if they are used. For navigation in waters official navigational charts must be used.

The Estonian topo map is most suitable for handheld GPS. It can be used also in Nuvi and Zumo navigators, but we recommend to use there the Road map of Estonia for Gamrin devices: because of the relief information, the loading of data can be slower and graphics distorted.

NB! Many new devices (produced after 2015) do not read older memory cards (less than 4GB). Our older SD cards do not work in these newer devices. We recommend to use Regio version 2.xx maps.

When you purchase the road map from our webshop, we will deliver the MicroSD card after we receive the payment. The delivery cost is added in the shopping cart or will be notified by e-mail.
How to activate the card on you device?
Setup>Map>Map Information. Make sure that the map of Estonia is marked. For faster performance we recommend to leave only one map ‘checkmarked’ (when you are in Estonia only the map of Estonia, but do not forget to change your settings in Map information, when you leave the country).

For using GPS tracks in computers Garmin has a free program BaseCampTM.

Find out whether your device supports 32 GB cards from Garmin device vendors, for example here.


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