Sheets of Mellin Atlas

From 3.00 

Sheets of Mellin Atlas

From 3.00 

Reduced reprints on paper made in 1991

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The sizes of the maps are different (ca 55 x 35 cm).
The reprinted maps are reduced 1.25 times.

Completion, one of the best known works of Ludwig August Mellini (1754 – 1835) „ The Atlas of Livland”, took 28 year (1782 – 1810). It was issued in Riga (separate sheets were printed in Leipzig 1798-1810). The atlas was ment to complement the work of A. W. Hupel “Topographische Nachrichten…”. The atlas has one general map of Estland and Livland and 14 maps of Kreises.

The set consists of 14 counties maps. 4 cover the area of present Latvija and 10 the area of present Estonia: der Fellinsche Kreis (Viljandi); der Werroshe Kreis (Võru)der Arensburgsche Kreis oder die Provinz Ösel (Kuressaare); der Dörptsche Kreis (Tartu); der Rigische Kreis (Riia); der Weissensteinsche Kreis (Paide); der Wendensche Kreis (Võnnu); der Wesenbergsche Kreis (Rakvere); der Pernausche Kreis (Pärnu); der Hapsalsche Kreis (Haapsalu); der Walcksche Kreis (Valga); der Revalsche Kreis (Tallinn); der Wolmarsche Kreis (Volmari); der Baltischportsche Kreis (Paldiski). The 15th map is the general map of Livland and Estonia.

In 1991 Regio made reprints of this set on paper.

The sheets available:

Lief und Ehstland
Fellinsche Kreis (Viljandi)
Werroshe Kreis (Võru)
 Rigische Kreis (Riia)
Weissensteinsche Kreis (Paide)
Wendensche Kreis (Võnnu)
Wesenbergsche Kreis (Rakvere)
Pernausche Kreis (Pärnu)
Hapsalsche Kreis (Haapsalu)
Walcksche Kreis (Valga)
Revalsche Kreis (Tallinn)
Wolmarsche Kreis (Volmari)
Baltischportsche Kreis (Paldiski)

The originals and also the sheets, that have run out – der Arensburgsche Kreis oder die Provinz Ösel (Kuressaare); der Dörptsche Kreis (Tartu) – can be found in National Archives. We can post-process the digitized maps and print them on demand.


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