What is a cookie?

A cookie (also an HTTP cookie or cookie file, an English cookie, an HTTP cookie) is a textual block of data in the client’s web browser that is sent to the specified domain each time the client makes a request. In this way, the server can distinguish the request of the respective customer from that of others and provide him with personalized data. Cookies can be used to log in to websites, save preferences and remember the contents of the shopping cart (source: Wikipedia).

What types of cookies do we use?

Security – temporary or session cookies that are installed in the user’s web browser when logging in to our websites and are necessary for user identification.

Technical – temporary cookies that are necessary for the operation of the services provided on the websites, for example, remembering the contents of the shopping cart.

Preferences – temporary and permanent cookies that help to remember user’s preferences, for example such as language selection.

Statistics – Third-party (Google Analytics) cookies used to collect statistics about website traffic and usage.

Cookies and personal information

It is important to know that the cookies themselves do not contain personal data and by allowing the use of cookies you do not consent to the use of your personal data.

Management of cookies

If desired, cookies can be managed, deleted and blocked. How exactly you do this depends on your web browser.