Major GIS projects

GIS project for digitalization of base layers of visual operation and aerodrome charts for Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH.

Creation of airport obstacle database for Tallinn Airport

Pre-processing of geodata for fiberoptic planning in Germany, designed by Estonian Fiber OÜ

Spatial data capturing according to the Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program (MGCP) specification

Development of map application for Estonian Postal Service (Omniva).

Development of a map application for the University of Tartu providing a visual overview of Covid-19 related wastewater measurement

Development of map application for Estonian State Agency of Medicines

GIS project for collecting and processing Latvian and Lithuanian spatial data according to the requirements of multiple customers

Production of infographic maps for analysing banking channels and population density for the National Bank of Estonia

Production of thematic maps for Garmin GPS devices for the Estonian electricity transmission operator (Elering)

Development of a mobile app “Regio Eesti Teed” (Estonian road network)

Performance of numerous tasks to create different data layers and develop QGIS software tools according to customers’ specifications

Creation of a dataset for Tartu City Government, modelling transportation networks for vehicles and pedestrians

Arrangment of Viimsi municipality’s road database and data tables

Identification of geological survey areas and creating the spatial database for the Estonian Geological Survey

Generalising and processing Estonian topographic data for the Estonian Land Board for the production of the Estonian Base map

Digitalisation of spatial data for the Estonian Defense Forces

Creation and updates of road navigation layers and points of interest for the Information Technology and Development Centre of the Ministry of the Interior

Creation of thematic and infographic maps projecting rail passenger flows and train users’ behavior for the Ministry of Finance