Petronella Õnneseen. Lugusid loomalastest e-book

Petronella Õnneseen. Lugusid loomalastest e-book

  • 89 pages
  • Author Dorothea Flechsig
  • Illustrated Christian Puille
  • Translation from German to Estonian Monika Reedik
  • For pre-schoolers and younger school-age children
  • In English
  • Look inside


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Petronella Õnneseen. Tales about animal children’s

When Petronella grows up, she becomes an animal researcher – this is sure! She will go to Antarctica and in deserts and will discover the most unbelievable things about animals. Until then she lives in a small village and is always there where something happens.

Author of the book Dorothea Fleching worked as a journalist. At the same time has she written many books for children. The three books of ‘Petronella Õnneseen’ series and a book about bat Sandor have been published in Estonian.

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