Maps of Estonian counties

Maps of Estonian counties

Wall maps of Harjumaa, Hiiumaa, Ida-Virumaa, Jõgevamaa, Järvamaa, Läänemaa, Lääne-Virumaa, Põlvamaa, Pärnumaa, Raplamaa, Saaremaa, Tartumaa, Valgamaa, Viljandimaa, Võrumaa.

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Regio accepts orders for maps of counties in scales 1:100 000 – 1:50 000.

The maps are made on custom orders, for example with the desired area / scale, dimensions and information compression. Maps can be ordered in a variety of formats – from paper maps to materials suitable for outdoor use.

To order a map of Estonian county, please contact: of fill the ‘Enquiry form’.

Sample Finishes

Not all our products are available in all finishes. The finishes related to your map can be combined from the drop-down menus by the product page.
If you have any questions, write to

On paper

Printed on paper. No laminates or other finishing coatings are used.

Paper type:
Paper                         Photo paper            Photo glossy paper   Coloring paper


Paper with front sheet lamination. The print is covered with a thin layer of film – laminate.

Laminate type:
Satin laminate (soft matte finish) and write-wipe laminate (glossy finish, whiteboard marker can be wiped off)

On paper, with wooden  hanging bars. A wooden hanging bar is attached to laminated paper. There is a loop of cord on the upper bar for hanging. Front sheet of the paper is laminated.

Board mounted
On rigid board.

Board types:

PVC . Plastic plate. Suitable also in humid places.

Viscom.Rigid lightweight foam pinboard with a thin PVC cover, suitable for inserting map needles and knobs. For indoor use only.

KAPA. Rigid lightweight foam pinboard with a paper cover, suitable for inserting map needles and knobs. For indoor use only.

Magnetic board (at the picture you can also see a not finally installed frame). It is possible to attach magnets (not included). The multilayered-material surface is a thin metal sheet, The base is Kapa plate. Indoor use only.

Laminated on aluminium composite board. Weatherproof board is covered with a polymer-laminated sticker.

Printed directly on board. Without a layer of laminate or other coatings. Can be done only with PVC or Viscom boards.

Board mounted and laminated. The print is covered with a thin layer of film – laminate.

Hanging bar behind the board. Ca. 12 mm wide, aluminium, u-profile hanging bar is attached to the back of the map and helps to hang the map on the wall.

Framed.The frame has hanging hooks.

Aluminium frames:

Wooden frames:

On fabric

Printed on fabric. Rollable. No other coatings are used.

Fabric type:
Screen blind fabric

Translucent blind fabric
Darkening blinds at Alatskivi school. Photo: Aivo Jakobson

Blockout blind fabric

Matte photo canvas

Thin wel foldable fabric. Weatherproof, waterproof and can be folded into pocket.  Can be folded to fit in a suitcase so good to take to fairs or conferences.

Weatherproof poster fabric. PVC banner

On canvas with wooden hanging bars. Rollable. A wooden hanging bar is attached to transparent blind fabric. There is a loop of cord on the upper bar for hanging the map.

Blind with chain mechanism.

Canvas with base frame. Canvas is tightened around a wooden base frame.

On flooring material
Materials are resistant to abrasion and wearing.

Flooring material type:
PVC flooring. Is not glued to the floor. Durable and easy to maintain. Rollable.

Floor sticker. On a thin sticker for floors. 

On wallpaper
Printed on fleece wallpaper, easy to install. Depending on the size, it is delivered in tiles.

If you did not find a product of a suitable size, design or finish, please contact us to get a quote on any specific requirements:

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