Globe Duo by Columbus

From 305.00 

Globe Duo by Columbus

From 305.00 

  • Illuminated:
    lighting – physical map
    without lighting – political map
  • In English, German or French
  • Material: acrylic glass
  • Diameter 34 or 40 cm
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The Globe produced by a German company Columbus is available both as a desk or floor globe.

The globe with an acrylic glass sphere is illuminated.

When the light is on, a physical map can be seen, but without lighting, a political map is shown.

Available in German, English and French.

Diameter of the desk globe is 34 or 40 cm.
Height with stand for diameter 34 cm is ca 40 cm,
for diameter 40 cm ca 46 cm.

Diameter of the floor globe is 40 cm.
Height with stand ca 120 cm.

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