Contour maps


It is possible to print these contour maps free of charge.

NB! Maps are updated in 2019.

Choose a suituble contour map(s) from the list below, open the file and print it!

In case you would like to print A3 size map in A4 printer, then we reccomend to use “Fit to Printer Margins”, “Fit ti Page” or other similar command, which automatically reduces the file into suitable A4 format.

Maps can be used under Creative Commons license: (cc) Regio 2019 Some rights reserved

It means that, when distributing the maps you have to follow:

  1. that printed map has reference to the author, Regio;
  2. that maps are not allowed to be used in commercial purpose, E.g to sell;
  3. that when the map is edited, modified or new map is made under the contour map, then it is allowed to distribute it under the same conditions. Reference to the author must remain and maps are not allowed to be used in commercial purposes.


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