Sandor. Nutikas nahkhiir


Sandor. Nutikas nahkhiir


  • 80 pages, hardcover
  • Available also as e-book
  • Dorothea Flechsig
  • Translation from German to Estonian Kristel Kaljund
  • Illustrated Regina Lukk-Toompere
  • In Estonian
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Sandor. Clever bat.

Sandor is a bat with warped ear who can speak. He lives alone in Jendriks’ classroom. Jendrik isn’t a good student and others tease him, but Sandor chooses him to be his friend. Together they reveal a big crime…

Bat was the animal of the year 2020. At the end of the book there is interesting information about bats in Estonia.

Author of the book Dorothea Fleching worked as a journalist. At the same time has she written many books for children. Estonian readers know her as the author of ‘Petronella Õnneseen’ books.

ISBN: 9789949599882


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