Regio map application

Regio map application

Regio kaart (Regio map) is the most precise and up-to-date map application of the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

The Regio map application can be used on a smart device as well as on a desktop.

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The application has navigation functionality and the function to turn the map according to the travel direction.

The Regio vector map makes the use and navigation of the map smooth and user-friendly.

Search for the exact address, navigate to your destination and add stops to your route, search for Point of Interest in a wide variety and see all of this information on Regio base map.

The application offers several useful features, such as:

  • navigation to desired destination. It is possible to add several stops, find the optimal route between them and navigate;
  • changing the base map type. Currently available: Regio vector map, orthophoto and hybrid map;
  • search of official addresses in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania;
  • press-and-hold feature, which opens the location information (address and coordinates);
  • real-time positioning;
  • search for a location by coordinates;
  • the possibility to see location coordinates in the WGS84 system;
  • measuring the distance using ruler;
  • displaying the map in the driving direction. It is possible to rotate the map on the smartphone using two fingers;
  • search for the Point of Interest (POI) in all Baltic countries. There are over 30 different categories available. By clicking on the POI detailed information about it can be seen.

The data in the application (addresses, navigation information, map layers and POIs) is updated monthly.

The application is usable in 15 different languages: Estonian, English, German, Spanish, French, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.

Use map in web browser.

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