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Latvia, Travel Guide


Latvia, Travel Guide


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This voluminous Latvian travel guide, richly illustrated with photos, introduces the best Latvia has to offer. These could be beautiful nature spots, hiking trails, exciting museums or magnificent manor houses. Contains valuable information for travelers with children, gardeners, food lovers and culture enthusiasts.The book is first of it’s kind travel guide in Estonian language, comprehesively introducing Latvia.

The first half of the travel guide consists of articles in which 17 authors, Latvians living in Estonia and Estonians closely connected with Latvia, introduce the country from various angles. The Estonian Ambassador in Riga and the Latvian Ambassador in Tallinn give their recommendations for getting acquainted with Latvia. Additionaly, the travel guide has a chapter on Latvian history. The second half of the travel guide offers 250 travel destinations all over Latvia with an in-depth introduction. To make it easier to get there, coordinates and Latvian names have been added to all objects.

The book is accompanied by a Latvian leaflet containing all the objects referenced in the book.

The travel guide has been composed in cooperation with the Latvian map publisher Jāņa sēta.

ISBN: 9789949599929

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