Geospatial API

Regio offers its vast experience in the use of spatial data and knowledge for the integration of useful solutions into your applications and workflow through geospatial API services. Regio’s Application Programming Interface (API) is a remote application interface through which data is queried from Regio’s database and transmitted to the customer over the Internet.

Regio’s API is highly valuable for:

Online traders
Allows customers to insert a validated address to register online and/or to proceed with an online order.
Courier service providers
Our service allows you to calculate the optimal route when distributing goods
Business owners
Enables you to create a map application, integrate base maps, address search, add routing

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On top of that:

  • Regio’s spatial database is continuously updated and contains functionalities that are not offered by other providers.
  • Regio’s address database contains postal codes and cadastral unit names.
  • Our address search allows you to see changes in addresses (matching an address to an expired or invalid one) and an option to return only complete addresses.
  • We offer different base map options in various projections and rapidly updated information, including a vector map.
  • There is a simple route calculation function, and we also offer route optimization and distance matrix functions. Access points are taken into account when using routing functions.
  • A wide range of continuously updated POIs (Points of Interest) of various types included in API.
  • Regio API services can be customized and used in a wide range of software and web applications for the benefit of the client’s end products and for workflow simplification.
  • Regio also provides an offline version for internal use and developer support in interfacing services.

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