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GIS Data

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Geoinformatics and Geospatial Databases

Regio has digital geoinformation databases since 1991, when the first vector database of Estonia was created.

We possess an updated and well-maintained vector and raster databases of Baltic States and detailed information of Estonia.

Together with our partners in Latvia and Lithuania we are able to satisfy any needs for specific and detailed geospatial data on Baltic States.

Our unique competence is based on:

  • Long-term experience (since 1991) in geospatial data processing and management of databases. Our technologies and workflows have been constantly improved and optimized over the years.
  • Skills to collect, manage and prepare geospatial data for a very broad spectrum of customers – cartography, web map solutions, mobile applications, logistics, planning, optimization
  • Ability to offer complete solutions – spatial data processing and cartographic design go hand in hand.

Regio’s geospatial database is:

  • Large, constantly updated and with homogeneous quality Geospatial Database of Estonia
  • Wide-ranging Geospatial Database of Baltic States

The database is characterized by abundance of the attributes and high quality of the data.

Special attention has been paid to maintaining the relevance of the data, to the possibility to perform a variety of data queries and to analyze spatial data.

Updating the database is achieved in cooperation with state agencies and local governments; as well as through fieldworks and work with orthophoto maps.