Fernando Conde Lamase arvamus Tagasi
Reading and looking the pictures of „SPECIAL PLACES TO STAY“ guide two ideas come to my mind.

One is that thinking as traveller, how important and determinant is the selection of the accomodation in the final impression and experience of the country that you want to visit. Most of us usually like when we planning a trip to a foreign and unknow place not to go running from one corner to another trying to pick up a bit of everything but, feel and try to understand it and its people as the right way to enjoy its essence. Perhaps for that reason if you don’t have plenty of time and/or money is very worthy planning with time where to delight resting, tasting delicious dishes and discovering at first hand and with open mind what is to be Spanish.

The guide, far from the mass-tourism, and with practical and clear information, bring you from a personal selection to places that reflect this humanity and authenticity not only in the place itself but in the people that with their sensitivity and boldness has restorate them. I have seen this phenomenum in my land , in Galicia, full of semiabandon astonish for its simplicity and solid elegance manor houses that thanks to individual initiatives and government support have recovered its natural beauty and adopted all the modern comforts.

The second idea that comes to my mind thinking in Spain, could be summarized in one word, contrast. It is not by chance that Spain is the country with more Unesco Patrimunium, it just reflected not only in its complex and interesting history but a huge, curious and usually charming differences in climate, culture and even way of living along its large territorium. You will see it, in its variety of landscapes and soils from the authentic, solid old granite and noble wooden pazos in Galicia to the traditional lively white façade of the Andalucian villages keeping in balance with modern confortabilities .You tasted in its large variety of meals and wines, you feel it deeply just chatting with the locals and those foreigners who have spent years restoring and preserving the traditioal structures of many of these amazing places. You enjoy it whether is located in green and wild northwestern coastline with sandy beaches and fishing villages, or in the rustic, noble and large interior of
Spain where have been absorved the richest elements of Moorish, Jewish and Christian

cultures, or perhaps in the vivacious islands or the warmth welcome and beauty of the Spanish mediterranean.

Many times is the memory of the charming people and places where you have stayed what remain in your mind and these litlle details that you experience there make the final impression of the country soul, this is very much Spanish way of living where as the guide says „the conception of time is fairly loose“, a vaste land where simple things can make the life so enjoyable.